Artist Statement
     My style of photography is conceptual photojournalism. I love to walk around everyday places that some photographers would find challenging. Envisioning photos through the exploration of new places is an essential part to my workflow. Capturing images that I envision is a passion of mine and I feel that the work often expresses my current state of mind.
 Name: Awakening of a Spirit
Medium: Film
     The triptych came to life with the use of a film camera, smoke grenades, studio lights, tripod, models, props, and land permission. The first photograph named “The Murder” represents the time at which the Spirit was risen from her past life body. The second photograph named “Spirit in the Headlights” is based upon the concept of the Spirit haunting her past life murderer. The third photograph named “The Awakening” represents when the Spirit is in full acknowledgement of her present form. As the Spirit arose into reality throughout the photographs, the viewers are left with a question of what will happen to them after death.
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