Artist Statement
     My style of photography is conceptual photojournalism. I love to walk around everyday places that some photographers would find challenging. Envisioning photos through the exploration of new places is an essential part to my workflow. Capturing images that I envision is a passion of mine and I feel that the work often expresses my current state of mind.
Name: Fish Market
Medium: Film
     The photograph expresses the relationship between man and nature with the use of a film camera. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the underwater world. As a marine science undergraduate in college, I have learned that our oceans are suffering from overwhelming plastic pollution. I walked into a local fish market in Conway, SC to see a fresh caught flounder being sold in an ice box. This immediately caught my eye because I normally see fish sold in plastic containers at the grocery store but looking more closely, I recognized something more. The gloves that the man is wearing when handing the fish to the customer is made from plastic. The bag the customer is putting the fish into is plastic. The more I looked around, the more plastic I saw. With the increase in plastic pollution in the ocean, the question of “when will humans stop relying so heavily on plastic?” is what I was left with while leaving the store.
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